by Darren Middleton

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Rob O.
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Rob O. Wonderfully crafted songs and great harmonies! After years of performing with Powderfinger, Darren seems to have settled into his own skin as a solo artist and it suits him well. This album is a delight! ❤️ Favorite track: Return.
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In The End 03:41
It’s a fine line living this way playing chords singing stories day by day hoping to connect, with you a stranger met There’s a dream I once held see the world travel far with no regrets but dreams will fade or slip through the colour grade If you fall, I will catch you I will love you till the end When you shine, I will see you I will find you In the end… Once had or so you're told you're living life through the glories you’d been sold but there so thin like a virus under your skin play the cards like you were born to bear the weight of the world but everyone all too heavy now, with their own particular crowd Why can’t I find you there? In the place where every things shared in the middle of a concrete heart lies a rhythm buried from the start.. -Chorus- If you’re lost, a faded shadow
In record time I found my way in a secret door that led under your skin where it goes is anybody guess but I am wiling to inspect A message comes in from the distant past a warning bell that rings of coming attacks Taking cover though there’s nowhere to hide but you are one persistent prize You want this so bad want this so bad Walking through this cities lonely streets that occupy my mind and give me some peace before I find myself thinking of you then there’s nothing I can do You want this so bad want this so bad
Woke up with the dawn light burns the night before And I’d had the darkest dreams a constant fear of being pulled around without a choice I couldn't find the ground Wrapped up in your cause blinded I had no choice I’d trade your innocence for clarity but I know that I’m lost all I see is you and I’ll pay the cost But you couldn’t wait you should have stayed
Noone 04:22
Tossed in with the lost and found mixed up with the up side downs Always looking for a time to escape but there something wrong (your’e) in a maze and there’s no way out No one to hear you no one to love you no one to bear your sighs Caught traffic heading crosstown going nowhere on the underground Hard work, clear skies, still faced with the firing squad Crashed out, soundless noise
After All 03:06
After the war the melody starts After the storm all the colours come out After the day has followed the night After the way you shrink back in fright After all… After all… After the dreamers have followed their hearts After the lost boys have chased down their stars After the one who let you down After the few who do stick around After all… After all … Take your silence as a reason to go disappear into the afterglow do you wonder why you’re here at all? After the wall, finally breaks after the last chance has run it’s race After the feelings have faded away After the fortunes have withered and fade After all.. After all.. (you finally lost, find your way home, burn and shine, for the last time)
The kind that missed you The kind that loves you The kind that changes his mind He'll tell you something and then do nothing The kind thats wasting your time Oh when it burns you out of your mind it turns, your life upside down just let me go just let me go just let me go Conversation Reputation all disguises in some way I'll keep you under undercover Keep you out of the way
The Bully 02:01
What started out, seemed like fun till the innocence had all but run mothers milk, it made you strong held you up till the day was done. You stood tall, said your piece nervous like a shaking tree So welcome back, to who you are not that shadow that broke in half…so be Boys will fight that doesn’t change but what you do and what remains will certainly leave a scar it may run deep it may run far…so be be free.
Some People 03:57
Searching high, digging low cant work out, which way to go So I called you up, in a desperate time I need to know, what I will find So you take your hope your fire you bury it deep for safekeeping You cover your scars, tether your heart, hoping nobody will see..you Bleeding hearts, mess on the floor pick yourself up, head out the door call me up, in your desperate time I’ll let you know, what you will find So you take your hope your fire and bury it deep for safekeeping You cover your scars, tether your heart, hoping nobody can see But some people will try to put you down mess up your life, bring you to ground Some people will follow, (and) some will stay if you can hold on maybe you’ll find some people will change
Return 03:19
Cascading driving blindly through the waters of your mind reaching out for something solid, a memory etched in time Your trigger of resistance to my gentle harmony I'll let you be so you see That your already gone to places I can't follow in the heart of a storm where lovers wait in sorrow for the day you return....you return If I ever find an answer to the question of our lives I'll be sure to tell you, even if you run and hide cause everything is nothing if I don't reach and try I'll let you be then I'll see that your already gone to places I won't follow in the heart of your storm I'm a lover who waits in sorrow for the day you return, you return.. If I never find a story that does show me who you are I'll take it from the hearts and minds of someone else afar If I tell you that I love you then I love you all the time then you'll see come with me
It was cold and we was walking it was late but we were talking about the way things used to be forgotten memories I’m asleep and I’m falling through coloured dreams and made up stories of the way things used to be but they are ghosts and memories If love is something you want it’s closer it’s closer when you bring it home change will follow you round haunting the days till they crash to the ground become Ghosts and Memories We are tides of the ocean A gentle push, a constant motion a breeze of the way things things used to be when all you hold onto leaves, like memories.


The 3rd, highly anticipated solo album by former Powderfinger guitarist/songwriter, Darren Middleton. Co-produced by Davey Lane, featuring Vika and Linda Bull and many guests.


released September 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Darren Middleton Melbourne, Australia

DARREN MIDDLETON is best known from his previous life as guitarist and songwriter for POWDERFINGER. The much loved POWDERFINGER played their last ever show in late 2010 and unsurprisingly Darren spent a bit of the time in a creative and emotional wilderness. As the dust settled Darren started working on his debut solo album "Translations". With plenty of talented friends onboard, its out NOV 2013. ... more

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